Sunday, November 22, 2009

Artistic inspiration 'POP'

Part of the artistic inspiration for my current series of POP artwork are these two pictures taken of a Graffiti wall in Bristol, UK.

Hanging out with some friends at this spot I observed some bored kids repeatedly smashing a hammer against the painted wall causing the paint to break away and fall to the floor. Once the kids had tired and ran off I walked over to the wall to see the damage they had done and in doing so discovered chunks of layered colour, paint on paint 'POP' that had built up from the many times that the wall had been covered. Thoughts and discussion then turned to the history and feelings that had been captured within these layers, mirroring a similarity to trees and their growth rings, in that each layer told and held a story about it’s life. Parallel to the trees growing rings, the paint from the wall and within the ‘POP’ paintings captures the emotion and energy of the artist and environment.