Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Captomaniac mask

The Cutterskink 'Captomaniac' mask is on it's way to Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne who are presenting a three day festival of events in London, based around the mystique of the mask. Some great artists from all over the globe have submitted work, You can find out more information by taking the jump here.

Captomaniac, this anti/Byronic type of hero travels all over the planet transforming the socially regarded, disused and ugly into his own definition of beauty. Wearing a mask that resembles Andy Warhol (giving a nod to the 15 minutes of fame for everyone) and only venturing outside when it is dark (for fear of discovery and ridicule) the city streets become a pleasure playground... neigh, an orgy of possibilities for his very toxic paint infested creative brain. Carrying a rucksack full of cigarettes, spray paint and caps twice a week and maybe at the weekend (If he can be arsed and X factor is not on TV) Captomaniac sets out to selfishly indulge in his self proclaimed heroic duties. Much like a dog pissing up a lamp post, moving from one street to the next, he will be sniffing out that doorway, that perfectly smooth wall or just the right spot to leave his own and very personal Captomaniac mark.